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B3R TENDER TEN R06511/6/2005
AAA 15327898

Bradley 3 Ranch, TX; Brush Country Angus, TX; ABS Global, Inc., WI

B3R 8082 3173 ELECTOR 4013
B3R 0004 ELECTRA 8082-8017
B3R 8017 466 LADY 7164
FINKS 5522-6148
B3R N127 5522 BLACKBIRD 203

Cutting Edge Low Input Genetics

Excellent calving ease ranking in the top 1% of the breed for Birth Weight and Calving Ease EPDs
Will moderate milk and mature size with a top 4% $EN value
EMULATION 5522 genetics represented on the top and bottom side of his pedigree
His +34 Docility EPD ranks among the top 20 proven sires in the breed

**** *





106 Mat. Mat. Mat.

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