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Bull Search

Bull Search

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TJ ROOSEVELT 366E2/21/2017
ASA 3288497

Triangle J Ranch, NE; Gibbs Farms Cattle LLC, AL; ABS Global, Inc., WI

CCR MS 4045 TIME 7322T
TJ 99A
TJ 22X

Disciplined Genetics For Success

Responsible combination of calving ease, growth, end product and cow power
Dynamic EPDs, ranking in the top 10% of the breed for 9 EPDs or indexes and offers balance in nearly every trait
Attractive patterned and super sound structured bull with added muscle and dimension
Progeny demonstrate very rapid growth to weaning, one of the fastest growth purebred bulls in the ABS lineup
DNA tested homozygous black, homozygous polled, PB SM

** **



105 127 118 20 Mo. 20 Mo. 20 Mo.
Custom Index not implemented for _PROOF_ - _BREED_. This feature is only available for US Proof HOLSTEIN.